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This page is an overview of the features in our Manager Control Panel. If you want to see the Manager Control Panel firsthand, you can create an account right now.


I created this website after becoming frustrated with other registration and volunteer registration websites out there. Critical features that this website includes that others don't are...

Manager Control Panel Screenshots

Some of our best features are located in the manager control panel. This is where you really start to see features and powerful tools designed specifically for volunteer coordinators.

Company Report


Volunteer Report


Group Report


Post-Race Report


Add Shifts


Edit Shifts


Mass E-Mail Tool


Verification Letter Setup


Verification Letter Page for Volunteers (requires a code)


Verification Letter PDF


Excel Export


Duplicate Event


Public Pages

Feel free to take a look at our public pages. You can visit them by clicking on Sign Up To Volunteer, then clicking on any event.

Don't forget to check out our "Create Group" feature. You can access it by going to any "Sign Up To Volunteer" page, then in the "Are you in a group?" drop down box, select "I want to create a group (5 or more people)".

All volunteers receive a detailed confirmation e-mail after signing up.


Here are some statistics for those of you who are curious. These will be updated periodically.


We charge for our services. We have not decided on "one size fits all" pricing yet. We plan to speak to each client and agree on a price for each company, based on number of events and size of events.

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